For Our Students

We have to meet our students where they are and listen to what they are saying about what their interests are, often we can learn from them.  We do not live in tomorrow; our children are our “today” they are our “right now”. We must try new ways of relating to our youth.

Young people are exuberant and see the endless possibilities life can bring whereas we might tend to see life’s challenges. Adults become leery of taking unbridled chances because they have learned the consequences of not applying the wisdom of past mistakes when making decisions. 

Together we can show our kids more opportunities to ensure they find the best options that aide in their success.  

  • Increase the amount of engagement with students, the school board and community
  • Expand current partnerships and create new ones with the business community 
  • Facilitate more access to vocational education opportunities

For Our Teachers, Our Staff

I will always listen attentively to your concerns, ideas, and innovative practices.  Every day you are on the frontline with the sons and daughters of our community. The solutions come from you and the School Board exists as a representative body of your thoughts, words, and those of your students and parents you serve. 

I will listen and together we will respond in kind as a board, a district, a community but more importantly as a family.


  • I will listen and will always respect you and your thoughts, words, feelings, and ideas.
  • Together we will create a safer environment for sharing your concerns
  • We will regularly implement and pilot your ideas for use in the district

For Our Community

What is a community; a few houses, a school, some businesses, and other organizations? One cannot exist without the other. We need to increase and promote our community schools. “It’s your school board too” The most important school “board member”, you, the community.

We can build a greater consensus by increasing your access to the board and the board’s communication with you.  I want to continue to be a “loudspeaker” for your voice and aide in reaching your goals. 


  • Increase the level of communication and access to the board
  • Promote purposed changes to the advisory committees and families before they happen
  • Host more informational meetings at the schools to keep families informed

Meet Our Team

We will work for a state that educates our children, cares for our elders, and provides a safe, healthy and prosperous community for all of us.

Mike Scott

District 5

Your Well Being
is Our Priority


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